A wise teacher makes learning enjoyable

The Bashful Christmas Fairy

This is the perfect show for EYFS because:

  • It relates to their age level using what they love - comical puppets, amazing Christmas magic tricks and engaging storytelling.
  • The comedy hits home for their age - tried and tested material
  • A good pace with a simple story line that they can easily follow.
  • Interactive in a fun respectful way.

 Xmas Tree with no Xmas Fairy

The Story

Imagine a Christmas Fairy who is too shy to go on top of the Christmas tree. It is Sparkles first Christmas, this is her big break, so why is she letting her shyness stop her from doing what she is made for?  If only, she knew how special it was and noone else can do better than her. JP the royal entertainer will try to help her overcome her bashfulness in time for the Royal Christmas Party and learn that there is much more to Christmas.  A fun lesson in not being afraid of who you are and being special to others.


  • Length of the show is 45 mins
  • Set up is one hour once everything is in the performance area
  • 30 min take down/get out
  • Pat-test equipment