A wise teacher makes learning enjoyable

Be a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 right where you are.

"The Giggles Magic Show" is going to the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe 2017.

 "I love to see children genuinely laughing."  - JP Comedy Magician-

Looking for a show to be:

  • A premium reward  for your school to acknowledge their hard work and achievements.
  • Open days for prospective students and their parents creating a warm atmosphere..
  • Whoopee and giggles mid term

 " A rare opportunity to see a a quality Edinburgh Fringe Show" - JP Comedy Magician`s Mum-

  • Children will be laughing in seconds
  • Their minds will be challenged but will never be able to figure out the imaginative tricks.
  • Highly adaptable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. It depends on who is watching.
  • Staff will love watching the children enjoying themselves. They will thank you later.

The show is a collection of my best magic tricks, puppet routines and jokes over the years giving opportunity for classic improvised comedy with the children.

Meet the famous "Harry the Magic Rabbit" in EYFS and KS1 show.

He lives in a magic hat.  He thinks he can do magic.  The children absolutely fall in love with his hilarious antics and always want more.

Trust me they laugh so hard.

A Great Opportunity to Teach Self-Motivation to the Children

As I share my journey with the children with the fun Comedy magic tricks I can share what has helped me make one of my dreams come true. I got some great ideas from the Child Development Institute
Some of the lessons that will be mentioned: Optimism, Persistence, How to Deal with Failure, How to Grow your Interests, Celebrating Achievements and Accepting Your Learning Style.
It will all be shared with great passion and conviction as I have lived, learned and experienced these principles. As an entertainer and actor, I see myself as a continual learner and that is the ultimate goal of education I believe. 

The Length of the Show

  • The length of the show is 45 mins.
  • Get in / set up is 30 mins.
  • Take down is 20 mins.

In Edinburgh the show has to be set up, performed and put away all done in 60 mins...Yikes!

Enjoy an Edinburgh Fringe Show at your school and book today.  Contact joe@creativeshows.co.uk or go to the contact page and send in your form today.