A wise teacher makes learning enjoyable

The Toy that Saved Christmas

A familiar story brought to life on the stage with comical puppets and acting talent of JP Quirky Magician.

The toy that saved ChristmasKS1 will love this because:

  • The comical puppets playing the toy characters.
  • The story is clear and simple to follow pitched at their age level.
  • Music used throughout that is upbeat and will put anyone in the mood for Christmas.
  • Comedy Christmas Magic tricks that the children will be awed at.
  • A lovely Christmas lesson about giviing and not being selfish.

The Story

A greedy toy-maker devises a plan to influence the children to get their parents to buy as many toys as they can by putting out a commercial that tells the real meaning of Christmas is get all you can.  All the other toys go with the flow but not Bob the only toy that realises this is all wrong and he sets about to save Christmas in the hearts of so many children.


  • The length of the show is 45 mins
  • The set up is one hour once everything is in the performance area
  • 30 min Take down / get out.
  • Pat tested equipment